January Cart of the Month: Custom Jeep Golf Cart!

Published February 11, 2021
January Cart of the Month: Custom Jeep Golf Cart!


street legal golf cart


Starting this year, we will feature one cart per month to add to our blog! This months winner is definitely this custom golf cart built for our customers in Point Loma! Every once in a while we get a request that make us scratch our heads for a minute…Jeep body on a golf cart, is it doable? How?

Little back story, this customer purchased a custom rhino lined 6 passenger which is featured in our IGTV here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDU6bw2jgaa/?igshid=39hwhkek929w

Several months later our customer came back to us wanting to upgrade to a special body kit, a Jeep Wrangler body! We custom rhino lined the body to match and added a Jeep grill, LED off road light, Jeep emblem, snorkel and extra tire mount on the back seat.


street legal golf cart



Testimony story from the Lanahan’s:

“I purchased an Evolution golf cart in May of 2020. It was my first golf cart and I wanted something to drive around in Point Loma. It took weeks to come in and after it did I had tons of problems. From the beginning it took 5-6 times for it to start each time and the battery level was inconsistent. I found it unsafe as the brakes didn’t completely stop the cart.

A friend of mine in Point Loma wanted a used golf cart for her large 7 person family. I searched around and came across Sundance Custom Golf Carts. They were selling a used 8 person golf cart for this family to purchase. When we went there to test drive it and purchase it, I asked Luke about Evolution golf carts. He shared with me the challenges that these carts have and he felt bad for anyone who purchased one. Well I had purchased one. I really like the service at Sundance so I was on a mission to return the Evolution cart. The dealer accepted my return because it was a defective unit.

I went back to Sundance and purchased a great cart – an Ez-Go. I got all the bells and whistles ( lifted, carriage rack, upgraded tires) put on it so I could enjoy it for many years. I am also into off road Jeeps. After I got my new cart I had an idea to custom my golf cart to look similar to my off-road Jeep. I contact Luke and Kelly and they helped me make my cart a dream cart. I had a custom Jeep front put on, a snorkel, off road lights, upgraded stereo, custom painting, a skid plate and a 5th tire.

I would never go anywhere but Sundance and I recommend anyone who wants a golf cart to go to Sundance. The service is awesome and their ideas are great on customization. I now have the coolest cart in Point Loma thanks to Luke and Kelly!”

Thank you to the Lanahan’s for trusting us in the process and allowing us to share your story. Happy carting!


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