Buying a Golf Cart Tips: New or Used (refurbished)?

Published January 29, 2020

For those wondering how to buy a golf cart, a good place to start is determining whether you will purchase a new or used cart. With a new cart, you are the first owner of the vehicle. However, with Sundance, there truly is no difference between our refurbished carts and those that are brand new.

This is because all of our carts go through extensive testing before they make it to you. In some cases, this is even more testing than ones that come straight off the factory floor!

If you do elect to purchase a used or refurbished or new cart, make sure that you receive a written warranty. Take the time to review what the warranty covers and what it does not cover and what potential costs you may incur during ownership. Another important takeaway for what to look for when buying a golf cart: It is necessary to learn how your dealer will service your cart should you have any problems. Sundance carts comes with the Sundance Promise warranty!