How much water should be in the batteries?

Published January 29, 2020

One of the most common battery mistakes is overfilling batteries when performing maintenance. When a battery is overfilled, it will cause batteries to overflow while charging. This not only will damage the battery from loss of battery acid but also damage the garage floor, cause corrosion on your batteries, as well as damage the frame and battery tray of your golf cart.

We have a complete guide and video on how to perform battery maintenance at home! (It is easier than you think)

A few quick tips:

Never remove battery acid from the battery, never add acid to your battery, use distilled water, eye protection and rubber gloves.

Most battery manufactures have a visible fill line, sometimes this line is labeled. If you look down in the cell, you will see plastic that drops down into the cell, the fill line is at the bottom of the plastic. When the water starts to touch the plastic, stop filling. It’s ok to stop just short of the plastic. The idea is to keep the batteries covered in water rather than the lead plates being exposed to air.