Should I Get a Gas or an Electric Cart?

Published January 29, 2020

Every golf cart buying guide walks you through the next choice of a gas or electric cart. With gas carts, you get all-day use without the time needed to recharge, however, these are not generally street legal in California unless the cart is registered with emission stickers. Maintenance is more familiar to a traditional cart and needed on gas carts more often than electric. On the other hand, electric carts operate easily, silently, without exhaust fumes, and have smooth acceleration. No gas or annual tune-ups needed. Not only do they not emit damaging greenhouse gases, but electricity is also cheaper than gasoline. And used electric carts are less expensive than gas carts. The only time we recommend gas is when the cart is going to be run hours on end. However the new technology in lithium batteries allow carts to be driven twice as long as the standard electric cart.