What are the most common batteries?

Published January 29, 2020

There are a few different types of golf cart batteries; Lead Acid, AGM, and Lithium. The leading suppliers of the golf cart industry are Trojan and US Battery. These are true deep cycle batteries. There are other battery brands on the market that are cheaper but they are not true deep cycle batteries and will not give you the same performance or longevity.

  1. Lead acid; lead acid batteries are the batteries your cart most likely came with from the manufacture. Your factory charger is programmed to charge this type of battery. The life of this battery depends on maintenance, cleaning, charge cycles, and use. There are many different manufacturers of lead acid batteries. Over the years we have tried many different manufactures and have come to rely on either trojan or US battery to be the best quality for our golf carts.With that said, factory chargers are programmed to charge the trojan battery so this is what we recommend. The charge profile is slightly different for a US battery. Some chargers have a selectable charge profile depending on the battery manufacturer.
  2. AGM; AGM batteries have the same performance of a lead acid battery. The benefit to AGM is that it is maintenance free. If you decide to purchase an AGM battery then you will have to buy a charger that is programmed to charge AGM or has the option to select the AGM profile. These batteries are available from most manufactures and the price will vary. Generally AGM batteries are around 50% more than lead acid batteries. We recommend either Trojan or Fullriver.
  3. Lithium; Lithium batteries have taken the golf cart world by storm in the last several years! Check out our blog post to learn more about lithium! We offer two different size lithium packs. We call them packs because they include an on board charging system and BMS (battery management system). The battery that we use is specifically designed for our carts. The battery pack intergrades with the control system of the cart. This eliminates the user mistakes that can cause battery damage, eliminating over charging and over discharging the battery. If the battery pack drops below 16% then the cart will drop into limp mode (cart will drive slow) to protect the battery. This will allow you to get the cart to an outlet to charge. All other lithium battery options will not give you a warning when the battery runs out, you will be completely stuck (not safe especially when driving on legal streets). We have tested many different lithium battery brands and the batteries we use are from HPEVS (high performance electric vehicles ). Cost is a major factor when choosing a battery. Don’t let the cost of lithium batteries scare you. If you factor in the lifespan, cost of charging, and time for maintenance (no headaches), the cost of lithium batteries are less than lead acid or AGM overtime. The battery being maintenance free allows you to enjoy more of your cart with less headache from failing batteries.